100 Club Review
Thank's to sw5 John

There was a definite buzz before the band took to the stage thirty minutes late at 9:30. I think they had allowed time for people queuing outside to get tickets ... it was good to see this level of interest, although I wasn't sure whether it was down to the location of the venue (on London's Oxford Street), rumours of who might be guesting with him or whether people were simply looking for something to do because they were unable to get home due to the widespread power cut (which had taken out most of the London Underground).

Anyway, Mick started with Secret Affair and Twisted Sister, both of which were really strong as usual. The 100 Club is small - just a longish basement room with the stage in the middle of one of the long walls - and the sound was generally excellent despite a few technical problems. Mick continued with a very long intro into Late At Night, followed by Losing My Faith, Blind Willie McTell/All Along The Watchtower, You Gotta Move and Fed Up With The Blues.

At this point it all got a bit weird ... Mick announced that they had time for a couple more songs and led into Can't You Hear Me Knocking, at which point someone joined them on stage and started strumming along with an acoustic guitar. Mick continued playing for a while, then slowed it down a bit and took about five minutes to introduce the band before finally introducing the guest as Erwin Nyhoff, who I recognized to be the vocalist on the Radio 192 sessions. At this point they picked the tempo up again and Erwin began to sing, initially just vocalizing very effectively in accompaniment to Mick's guitar, but eventually launching into some lyrics that I didn't know. Erwin sounded great and Mick really played hard before bringing the track to an end. But then Mick and the band left the stage and didn't return, despite a good natured atmosphere and no one showing any signs of wanting to leave.

They'd played just over 90 minutes, and I was left with the impression that they had planned to do more but that Mick wasn't up to it ... he looked quite shattered as he left the stage. Which really was a shame, because the combination really works. I would absolutely love to hear them working together for a whole show, because in the five or ten minutes that Erwin was involved I felt the intensity of the show went up another notch.

I spoke to Erwin - a really nice guy - after the show and he said that they'd been writing a few songs together, although it wasn't clear how far they were or whether there were plans to publish anything. He gave me his web site address - http://www.erwinnyhoff.nl - in case anyone is interested (some of it is in English).

The band otherwise was MT, Max Middleton, Jeff Allen, Robert Ahwai and Michael Bailey.

Oh, and Jeff said that there were plans for about seven UK shows in November and to keep an eye on the web site (I think he said MickTaylor.net).