12-17-05 Review
"I had no expectations. Last time I saw the man he was in gloomy shape, 
stumbling off – unplugging – his very own guitar wire on the Umeĺ Blues 
Festival. That was back in 1999. 

That's why Mick Taylor's gig at Droskan this Saturday was such a joyful 

Now he plays with the same glow that he possessed during the Stones-era. 

Mick Taylor kicks off his part of the show with Stop breaking down, 
giving us some excessive, stretched-out guitar solos on the spot. 
More blues numbers to come, among them Fed up with the blues and gospel 
coloured Losing my faith, which gives Taylor more opportunities to show 
his excellence. 
Fler bluesnummer följer, bland dem Fed up with the blues och 
Finnish Wentus Blues Band are doing a great job, and their cjarismatic 
Juho Kinaret and Mick Taylor is intermixing vocalists. 
The (Wentus) guitarist Niko Riippa is Taylor's opposite type guitar 
player concerning style and tune and thus a perfect living complement. 
After the break its getting even better 
Mick Taylor adopts a gem from his Dylan-years, Blind Willie McTell; let 
it slip right in to Layla and All along the watchtower – before he 
returns to the last McTellian lines. 
The last 30 minutes is in its entire length within the Rolling Stones´ 
Beginning with Ventilator blues, right into No expectations, in a 
country-rock version skipping the archetypical melody line on slide but 
with the by far most beautiful guitar solo this night. 
In Can't you hear me knocking he frankly skips the first half of the 
song in order to work spot on the second half with the Taylorish 
classical yet Santana-spiced guitar solo. 
Shake your hips becomes our encore and a sheer sing along to Boom Boom, 
then the Stones fans Little Christmas Day is over." 

2005-12-19 Free translation BB