1974 was a difficult year for Mick Taylor and Stones fans everywhere,  Their were problems within the Band on Many levels.

By the fall of 1974, Mick Taylor had his fill of life in the Rolling Stones. The Band Hadn't Toured in more than a year, and he was bored. He was alienated by not being credited with co writing songs on It's Only Rock n Roll , The Album, It's only Rock n Roll was released and would go Gold almost instantly, Spawning a number 1 hit from the Albums Title song, also a  silly Video of this song was made, poor Charlie almost drowned ! 

Mick also contributed to many other Artists Albums including, Nicky Hopkins " No More Changes ", Herbie Manns " Reggae" & Ron Woods first solo album entitled" I've Got My Own Album To Do ".

Mick had been secretly Jamming with Bassist Jack Bruce as well, and decided to make the split. On December 5 1974 Mick Taylor told the Stones he was leaving to pursue his solo career. See related Article

1974 also saw the release of The Rolling Stones Concert Movie " Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones " originally filmed in Texas on the 1972 American Tour.





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