Mick Taylor and Band
Nov 7th, 2008
Review and Pictures


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I attended Mick's concert at Naima Club, Forli' Italy on November 7th.
It was a good show which lasted 1.45 minutes. Mick is back with his
previous band (Max Middleton, Kuma Harada, Jeff Allen) and currently is
joined by Denny Newman on guitar. Setlist featured all his known songs
(S.Affair,T.Sister,Fed up with Blues, Losing My Faith, You Shook me, You
Gotta Move, Going South, CYHMK,No Expectations) and 2 from DN (Burying
Ground and Slow Down). After show Mick signed many items and I got the
chance to ask him about the DVD he planned to release. He said the
project was stopped. BUT then I asked Jeff Allen that looked like his
manager as well as drummer and he told me that in January they will all
go into the studio in England to record a new studio album!


Pictures courtesy of Luigi Genesi