Peter and I went to the Assembly Halls last night and had a great night.
The opening band were well worth seeing. The Hampsters we know and love and did their usual 'thing'.
We had both heard of Mick Taylor but had not heard anything by him (apart from Stones) or his band.
We were blown away with the quality and old school professionalism of all the band members. We really
liked the blues feel and vibe of the music. There was an understated charm about Mick's presence and
the relationship between the band members.
I can - forgive me - find solos a self indugent bore, but in the case of last night it was fabulous.
We were sitting right behind the sound engineer and were aware that there might have been some minor
technical glitches, but as non-musicians, but simple music fans, we didn't notice, it seemed we wer in the
hands of real talented experts in their fields, and we are really looking forward to seeing the band again.
We shall be checking your website for future gigs in the South East and shall be buying a CD or two.
As an aside we had a pizza before the gig and we saw a group of blokes we guessed were going to the gig
as well, and to our relief they looked older than us! Thanks to your keyboard players distinctive hat, once
we saw the band on the stage, we realised it was the band. Hope they enjoyed their meal as much as we did!
Best wishes and thanks,