We had good seats right near the stage and I have to say I thought it was one of the better MT concerts I've been to, although
the band were clearly just a bit ring-rusty at times. Mick was in excellent spirits and chattier than I've seen him before, and I thought
 his playing was excellent. Can't comment on people leaving early as I wasn't looking behind me, but this is a club just a stone's throw
(to coin a phrase) from Piccadilly Circus in the very centre of London and I suspect quite a few people were just dropping in unplanned
as tickets weren't expensive, and if they were expecting popular Stones material they'd have been fairly disappointed ... he only played
Can't You Hear Me Knocking, No Expectations and an intro to You've Gotta Move I think it was.

Andy Sharrocks kicked the evening off with a fairly acoustic set of four songs or so, of which for me the highlight was Salvation In Disguise
which I remembered from his album launch gig at the Boom Boom Club in 2004. My memory for set lists is not that reliable, but I'm pretty
sure there was no new material from Mick and the band, although there were some variations on the intros as usual. I think they played
 Twisted Sister, Secret Affair, Late At Night, Losing My Faith, Going South, some of You've Gotta Move, Can't You Hear Me Knocking,
Blind Willie McTell
(both superb) and No Expectations. They played for a good 135 minutes so there may have been one or two more in
the middle section.

The gig was also filmed, using some decent looking equipment (one static camera, one mobile one and possibly another up on the balcony).
Unfortunately there was some minor buzzing from the sound system at times, which Mick commented on, so it maybe that it won't pass
'quality control', although I have no idea whether it is intended for public release or not anyway. If it was just a private one, it would be nice
to think it might be made available to fans in much the same way as the Leverkusen 1997 concert that was on sale as an audio CD for 5 a
pop on the way out (at least I'm 90% certain it's the Leverkusen material after a first listen in the car).

Enjoy the tour!