Mick Taylor and Band
March 20th, 2009

Setlist :

01 Secret Affair
02 Twisted Sister (w/ Down Home Girl intermezzo)
03 Losing My Faith
04 Late At Night
05 Burial Ground (Denny's Song, Mick played along during the latter part of the song )
06 Going South
07 Alabama
08 I Wonder Why (sung by Michael Bailey)
09 You Shook Me
11 No Expectations

I was there at about 6 p.m.
The F-Haus is located in central of Jena city. Opposite to it is an Irish
pub, where I met up with some friends. We waited until 7.30 p.m and got to
the entrance were about 20 people already waited outside. There was one
security guy who checked whether people carried stuff with them inside they

Once inside, we congregated at the smoker's lounge had few more beers while
the hall filled up with the audience quite quickly.

There was no support act. Mick took to the stage at about 9 p.m.
I stood on the far right side, first row. Actually, I was standing by the
stairway the band used to get onto the stage.

Mick seemed in good spirits. This especially became audible during the
beginning guitar fills of "Secret Affair". They were more fluidly played
than in Nuremberg 3 days ago. 

Mick chatted a lot between songs. This was in sharp contrast to the 2001
concerts I attended, where he didn't talk that much between songs. He seems
to have some standardized intros though, e.g. for No Expectations, stating
that this is a song from Beggar's Banquet many of us will know and that it
is his favourite Stones album before he joined.

In contrast to the Nuremberg show, he participated on Denny's Song "Burial
Ground" where Mick joined in during the second part of the song. Michael
Bailey took up complete lead vocal duties on "I Wonder Why". What really
surprised me in Nuremberg was the short Intro of "Never Fall In Love Again"
before starting with "No Expectations". he sang 2 lines from that song: "All
You need is one more chance / all you need is more romance".

During the show he made some remark about a beautiful girl in the audience
and about a real warm reception he experienced.
Anyway, I found the Jena show way more enjoyable than Nuremberg too. He
signed stuff after the show and sold his Stone's Throw CD.

As I stated earlier, I got to carry a camera inside. I made some pictures
which I will email next weekend to Ed's website. Maybe he can upload them.
Also, I will post my Nuremberg review next weekend. I just don't have my
review data handy now and only have the chance to access internet during
weekends as I'm moving houses right now. Sorry for any inconveniences.