Mick Taylor and Band

October 6th Caen 

Venue: Zenith

great show tonight in caen
great audience zenith 1200 people

secret affair 2 diff solos
twisted sister
losing my faith

the surprise stop breaking down powerful stomping rythym like a locomotive shuffle
2nd solo slide

fed up with the blues/tore down "one of the first records i bought on duke records in houston with john mayall

late at night with a short improv impromptu "it comes naturally"
solo wah wah
and singing with a big loud voice on the "fatal attraction " words
pizzicato solo in the highs
and an other diff solo

burrying ground ( d newman) mick comes back with a slide solo at the end
he took off his jacket and is in white shirt

then blind willie mc tell
slow intro with some glockenspiel by max
very long solo
layla 40 seconds
all along the watchtower 2 mn

long voice ending

" you're very quiet
you're a listening audience
we're a listening band"

can't you hear me knocking
with band members solos
mick salutes kuma japanese way

then has fun laughing siling and dancing with k& d during max solo
strong gathering at the end and new improv

standing ovation from the audience

encore no expectations
with the mini improv " all you need is more romance
victim of circumstance
diff solo
strong long & loud ending

and that 's it

go for the french tour shows

you will be having a good time
mick is in great condition
and plays really tight