Mick Taylor and Band

   Just wanted to give you a quick review of a the concert a few weeks back, I have to say i thought it was great
and was the first time i have seen him live.
   I arrived around 20.30 and Mick came on around midnight about 15 mins late or so, venue was filled up to near
max and many fans from different ages all coming to see the former rolling stone.
   Atmosphere was great and the venue small but just added to the special moment for me as i had wanted to see
him play for ages, it was great to listen to his guitar playing and he finished around 01.45.
  Lastly if the night could not have got better , i took a chance before i left Switzerland and bought my guitar which
has been signed by the current members of the stones. I asked the management of the Jazz Pulsations if they could
ask Mick to sign it for me before he goes as i know he is going from one venue to the next, a  " no way " was the answer i expected.
 Anyway the venue was emptied with me about to be led out of the main door too before the door was bolted , and a
member of management stopped me and called me in and took me backstage to meet Mick while he was having a few
beers with the rest of the band before they head off.
I kindly asked Mick if he would sign my guitar and he very kindly said yes , he signed it " Best Wishes Mick Taylor"
and added Rolling Stones . I was amazed and we must have shook hands five times at least , I asked if i could take
a picture while he signs and he said sure , then said can i look , i showed him and he said you can have that one!   I then
left him and said thankyou many times.
Im a huge fan of Mick and the Stones and well i came away from this venue amazed and far exceeded my expectations
with my guitar which i will never sell
Great Great Great , look forward to see again soon
Best wishes