360 Club Review

Mick Taylor Rocks Toronto Canada! 

The Toronto Stones concert of the summer, 
no, the last year -wasn't the Rolling Stones, 
Sars Stock or otherwise. It was Mick Taylorís 
show last night at the 360 Club on Queen 
St. West. Demur, unassuming, on a knee 
high stage in an old military legion hall, 
surrounded by his Marshall/ Fender 
amps, a kick ass pick up band from 
Ottawa. No need for lots of posturing 
and mass spectacle, this was the real 
thing! Hard rock blues at it's best, bar 
none! The Stones sound but a pale imitation, 
as good as they sometimes still are, of this 
true Guitar God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
The show was stripped down, and played from the heart. 
Close enough to touch, be sprayed by his sweat, he 
reached out to us with his guitar, always giving it 
his all. You could tell it came from the heart. A blistering, 
rootsy "Blind Willie McTell" segueing into "All Along 
the Watchtower". A heavy rock blues take on 
"You Gotta Move", Mick noted some of his 
friends played this but it goes a lot further 
back than that, acknowledging it's Mississippi 
roots. A romping, searing "Red House". A fluid 
extended instrumental jam on his guitar part 
from "Can You Hear Me Knocking" showed us how 
it was really done! Sitting on the lip of the stage,  
bending forward into the guitar I could watch his 
fingers nimbly pick, bend, coax, tease, stroke 
out the notes. It doesn't get any closer, real, 
or purer than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
His band packed up after the show. Mick went upstairs for a 
nap. No autographs, no chat tonight. No matter, the music 
said it all. The bassist noted they got the job by urging 
him to play a blues rock show, less of the jazz noodling. 
For this Canadian tour he agreed -it's what the fans 
wanted to hear. Would get them up, into it big time. 
No doubt about that.  
Mick Taylor is a true Rock and Roll Guitar God! 
I really respect that over 25 years after he quit the 
Stones Mick still plays it his way, and quite obviously 
does it for the love of music, for the love of playing. 
Close and upfront for his fans. This is the true 
heart of rock and roll, steeped in the blues.  
No second pickings, oversized egos. 
No substitutes necessary!  
Somehow I suspect seeing the Stones again, as much as I love them, will never be the same again!  
David Chiarelli
Toronto Canada