360 Club Review

I and my friends were fortunate enough to see Mr Taylor and crew 
perform last Saturday night at the 360 club in Toronto. Although my 
friends don't believe me, I yelled out "Leather Jackets" and he 
turned and said "I would like to play and old song...." and then 
performed an excellent version of "Leather Jackets" from his first 
solo album. The sound and his playing were top notch, I was 
pleasantly surprised what an excellent voice Mick has; sometimes 
reminding me of Chris Rea or mid period Clapton.  I had not read or 
heard that Mick was suffering from hearing loss, he made a couple 
comments about his lack of hearing and played with his ears quite a 
bit during the show; this did nothing to adversely affect his 
performance in any shape or form. The crowd pleasers of the evening 
were his renderings of "Alabama" and "Red House", although I have to 
say I was really happy when he played "Leather Jackets". All and all 
it was his best show in Toronto since the 70's when he played with 
some English R and B band at the Gardens down the street. On another 
topic it would be nice to see him perform with some players that 
would really push or inspire him a little more.