This review by Paul in  Canada posted on Rocks Off 

Mick played at the Blues festival last night. We met Mick backstage as he arrived last night, he was very obliging, signed a couple of LP covers I had, first solo album and a John Mayall one. He signed my Stratocaster and a friend's as well. I shook his hand and told him he was the guitar player (I don't think he was impressed by that!). His playing was in a word awesome. I don't want to start a RW vs MT debate, but having seen Woody play several times throughout the past year, he doesn't hold a candle to MT. MT still has his chops, no doubt. Mick played a red sunburst Les Paul with a small Fender Blues Master amp and a Marshall amp. He also played a Strat in open E tuning for No Expectations. The highlight for me was a blues tune that he played with just the keyboard player....fantastic. His tone, vibtrato is unbelievable....I am stunned by his abilities. He needs a band like the Stones to showcase his talent! Plus, you can actually hear MT play, unlike Woody, whose guitar is buried so deep in the mix you need a shovel to dig it up. Put MT back on guitar, put Woody on bass, and we'd have a real rock n roll, blues band again, and not the Chuck Leavall lounge band performing the Stones! Secret Affair Twisted Sister Late At Night Blind Willie McTell Alabama Can't You Hear Me Knocking Encore No Expectations There were more songs, just can't remember them....not sure if it was recorded, It would have been easy, little or no security. I was really pissed off as half way to the gig I realized I forgot my new very good digital camera! There were all sorts of people there with cameras, no hassles from the staff.