Misc Family Photo's




Crystal in the Snow NO SCHOOL Today !!

Grand Canyon 1995

Downtown Hollister, Ca

Bixby Bridge Big Sur


My 43rd B Day

Crystal's B-Day & first day of High School
Crystal's First Day of High School

Kids Photo 1997
The Kids in Hollister 1997

Crystal's B-Day

Crystal Love 7781 Rosanna st Gilroy  circa 1995

Crystal at a friends house 2003

Crysal Love in Santa Cruz
Ashley & Crystal  in Santa Cruz

Me n Edward 1117 C street  circa 1989
Two Ed's 1988

Me n Edward 1117 C street

Jesse (RIP) Ed and Stix

Christmas 2004

Donald meets Johnny Bench 1976
Uncle Donald with Johnny Bench

Can anyone say COLD

Sleepover in Oregon

Ed n Everett 4th of July Parade  Morgan Hill circa 1996

Kiddin Around 1146 Green street circa 1992

My 5th B-Day 79 Clark Street 8-16-66

Granny n Edward 349 Iris Dr 1985

The Three Walt's 115 Afton rd 1983
Three Walt's

Yosemite Park circa 1995
Yosemite 1997

OH MY GOD ! Everett's B-Day 7781 Rosanna street 1996

Partying with Mike 1980


Just North of the Golden gate Bridge