A Fans Review JULY 13th Show
(Riccardo D'Ancona)


it is hard to find a balanced way to comment this show. Let me tell you what
I liked first.
Mick was kind of relaxed and since he was the only guitar playing in his
group (Middleton,Harada,Allen) he had to supply the solos and rhythm licks.
Each song was full of his notes, lasted about 10 minutes and proved once
again what a fine player he still is.
BUT the show was only 3 songs long! It lasted about 30 minutes, marred from
the beginning from faulty technicians that didn't know how to turn on a
microphone. The other problem being that because of the jammed amount of
acts I think they were asked to cut it short. Mick didn't seem that pleased,
just said Bye Pistoia and quit. Too bad really.I must also say that the
standard selection of songs wasn't really appropriate for an open air show,I
think a better opener should have been chosen instead of a balmy Secret
Affair that didn't excite the audience. Anyway I liked his licks as ever. He
was followed by the Rhythm Kings (Bill Wyman) and then the Kings of Rhythm
(Ike Turner). The night ended at 1.45.