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In Concert April 2002

     Greetings !   Thanks for coming to my site. I hope you have some good turn on's.
  Scattered About this page are Video's of my OLD Band, click the links and Rock-on


 My Last Band                                      Mike G (gtr) Ed (bass) and Styx ( on killer drums ) we are KronIK

 This is my Studio. The Bass Guitar is a 1969 Hoffner Beatle Bass, then my Fender Bass, and my Kent Electric Guitar         
 We Have a Motto in our Band : "If You Can't Stop Listening... It Must Be KroniK !"


More of my Guitar Collection


This is a pic from Disneyland California taken before Christmas 2002, Edward & Charli, Everett, Crystal and friend Carli.


Crystal Love at the 4th of July Biker Rally,   Downtown Hollister 2001

               This  pic was given to me by Jimmy Poe, he was "George" in Beatlemania. I sold him my Vox Amplifier.

               The other members  were kind enough to sign the picture for me.

Wolf Pack 2003  
Me, Jesse & Styx


More of the Family

   Come Together July 2003


Home Sweet Home