72 - 73 Boots

If you listen to the 72/73 boots brown sugar worked well on the 72 tour 
but on the 73 tour you just start with track 2.Brown Sugar
is such a great song especially when you have Taylor's solo in place
of Key's sax solo. How can a song that opens a show each night on the
73 tour always sound rushed rushed lets get it over with its like
they are warming up for the show because the next song usually Bitch
sounds great etc. The stones even with Taylor were never a great jam
band and if you listen to the rehearsals on some of the boots they
sound awful or watch the 1972 Swiss rehearsals them doing a loose
blues jam is painful. Also sir jagger has some of his finest vocals
from the Dallas 1972 FT Worth Show why was his vocals not as sharp
as that show each night. My thought was that he knew they were filming
those Texas shows for film footage to be used in the movie LAG and
got is act together, correct me if I am way off the deep end. Jagger
at times as we know has not given the best vocal performance and just
goes through the motions. How the hell did he let them release Love
You Live with his terrible vocal performance same can be said with
the weavers performance.
Would you put Brown Sugar in your coffee these days I would not
only if it were TAYLOR BRAND. I am tired of Open G followed by that
other guy these days . Dylan and his band's version blows away the
weavers today sad sad sad.