Dylan & Taylor

I have read many articles about Dylan and his real
live tour with Taylor in 1984 and the so called rock
journalists would write that Taylor's long winded
solos were disorganized and did not fit in with Dylan's live
shows. That's so far from the truth all you have to do
is take the time and listen to those recordings
objectively with some music background.
If you compare those performances now to lets say
Dylan's Live 1966 bootleg series from Albert Hall with
the Hawks backing him and many say those shows were
some of the best live rock and roll shows ever. I think
Dylan doing one set acoustic and then the 2nd set
electric had more to do with it then the actual
playing. Yes the band sounded great but listen to
Robertson's electric solos his tin tone comes no where
close to how Taylor backed up Dylan and enriched his
material live.
The test :
Listen to Taylor with Dylan and then listen to those
bootleg recordings with Dylan's electric backup bands
at Albert Hall or the Newport Festival and those
performances really don't blow away anything Taylor
did with Dylan. In fact Dylan's vocals are the only thing
that is better with Dylan's collaborations with
Dylan and Taylor from Rome 6/19/84 is another great
fantastic show.
masters of war - MT plays a eerie, wonderful mysterious,
Every Grain of Sand - melodic wonderment.
Growing up I always had the melodies of Blowing in
the wind, Times they are changing, I shall be released,
in my head, Well Taylor plays these wonderful notes
and melody on these great songs. His precise notes are
wonderful and I always wondered how an electric solo
would sound on these great songs. Just listening to
Taylor play those notes and melody on those songs is
worth all the time spent with Taylor's music.
To bad Dylan did not invite Taylor to his 30th
anniversary special at MSG he would of blown away all
those guitar players on stage that night doing Dylan
tunes. I have to say Woody does an unbelievable job on
Dylan's Seven days.
Listen to the Hamburg 5/31/84 Show it's fantastic
and is as good as The Albert Hall show from 1966.
Listen to what Taylor does on Its all Over now Baby
Blue, his lyrical melodic beautiful lines make the
song something special.
Listen to Ballad of a thin man and like a rolling
stone from Albert Hall, then listen to ballad of a thin man
and Like a Rolling Stone from Hamburg with Taylor.
The song sequence from Its all Over Now Baby blue,
Masters of War, Ballad of a Thin Man, When You Gonna
Wake up, Every Grain of Sand and Like a Rolling Stone
is heaven. The band is cooking.