Knopfler vs. Taylor

Just my 2 cents,
Knopflers solo on Brothers in Arm is one of my
all time fav's his tone playing w/o a pick is
beautiful and in some instances more melodic then
Taylor's fat tone playing w/o a pick. Knopfler's
technique playing w/o a pick is more defined then MT's
just because he has been playing w/o a pick for a
longer time. Yes Taylor does more double stops and more
hammers and uses more sustain but I think Knopflers
tone is beautiful and I never get turned off my his
tone. Whereas there are times I wished Taylor used a
pick over the last 18 years.
BTW on Sultans Knopfler put in some many different
guitar parts that you could make an entire record like
Page did on Stairway.
I just don't get it his playing his beautiful and
he has great technique.