AJA on Winter


  There are so many examples of Taylor getting
Jagger to sing his ass off (or jagger would of been
on record flat (we all know jagger at best he sings
around the notes) but with Taylor's vibrato that
changed especially on the songs they collaborated on
that were magical moments on record(moonlight,TWFNO
etc. But the greatest example is on Winter where there
collaboration is two fold. Listen to jagger's sweet
delivery after each verse against Taylor's guitar.
But as Gary pointed out with one great post as jagger
sings 'wrap my coat around you woman' that fine 
beautiful moment its jagger's turn to influence Taylor
that sets up MT's brilliant melodic wonderment. That
solo could stop time and make us all dive into his
tonal lines. The whole world stops for me every time
I listen to that and its haunting and also leaves me
with something positive and a great balance to the
every day world we struggle to deal and cope with.
I take vitamins and jog everyday and also make sure
I listen to Winter everyday.