Why do we as fans have this dream or continued hope
that bands that were successful and broke up later
get back together.
In the real world were we have functioning teams in
the workplace, people leave there jobs for job growth
or advancement and we don't look back and rejoin the
previous employer or in sports with free agency and
players and coaches changing teams all the time the
fan loses his identification with the team and the
players, and we lose interest.
We all know the answer its the music and how it can
enrich our lives. Music transcends all racism, greed and
power and a lyric, riff, solo, or song can make the day
for some of us. The music lives on in our soul and you
can always interpret a song or music differently every
time you listen to it. Its like playing a solo you
play the solo the same from gig to gig. Unless your Ron
Wood and don't play single notes and just make these
gestures with your face that in fact something
wonderful is happening on stage.
I meet people in my everyday life that have no interest
or are clueless about music and that is sad.
Now VH1 is trying to reunite bands on cable just as
us fans hope and dream the same within the scope of
our daily life.