Spreading the MT Gospel

Keep spreading the word about Taylor's Vibrato its so
simple and worth more than any monetary consideration
or material purchase.
I have not meet any person who after a listen did not
say wow who is that guy playing. They always think it
has to be one of those other British players.
Keep playing his stuff in the office or blast his
music out in your backyard which i often do and let
the world hear his Vibrato.
Spread the gospel at record stores, concerts, at guitar
shops, at the office, with all your friends soon your
friends will spread his vibrato to other music lovers.
On the internet which is powerful keep posting and
visiting other music sites and tell them about this
guy named Taylor. Write Taylor reviews at Barnes and
Nobles and other sites just keep on preaching Taylor
everyday somewhere in your office, at the dentist office
tell the world about him.