Stones Song Writing Post Taylor

Live the stones always missed Taylor but IMO in the
studio the major reason why the post Taylor stones
records were not great records with the exception
of Some Girls and B&B (cant count Tattoo You because
it was outtakes) was because the song writing sucked
and the song arrangements were not strong with the verses
and bridges. If the song sucks then you tend not to
listen or you lose interest real fast as a listener.
I for one can not listen to a terrible song its just
a total turnoff to me. The stones success and formula
has always been the songwriting first. Take any artist
if the songs were good then the material stood the
test of time.
Look at Dylan his acoustic guitar and Harp that was it
before he went electric the songs survived on the
lyric, his haunting vocal style and delivery and the
great arrangement and melody he came up with or that
he 'borrowed' if you believe some of the stuff with
him taking some folk arrangements and making them
Dylan tunes.
Keith's antenna was down for the most part after
Taylor left and his best work was on his own 2
Jagger was into himself and wanted to mirror the music
trend of the period and keep up with the young crowd.