Taylor on GHS

Taylor's Presence on GHS

GHS is a great record from the boy's 'coming down'
again from the exile sessions and they explore different kinds of 
music. The record is not riff
dominated but has a melodic feel mainly due to Taylor's
presence and him collaborating with Jagger. This record
is more of Taylor's sound of the stones vs how Keith
wants the stones to sound. One example is a song like
100 years ago a new kind of song for jagger letting
him explore is vocal style against Taylor's brilliant
wah wah guitar. This kind of song and collaboration
builds the working relationship between jagger and
Taylor and allows the two later on to craft one of the
best songs the stones ever recorded in 'Winter' with
again jagger exploring himself as an artist with the
help of Taylor's tonal brilliance and the song has that
magical ride. Later on the two hook up on Hide your Love
and jam together over Taylor's brilliant solo and jagger on piano. Taylor 
was there for jagger and proved
how important he was to the stones in exploring new
types of music and how Taylor helped jagger find a new
energy and vocal style in delivering those songs. Taylor's presence did 
not stop here with GHS but
again on IORR Taylor was there in the studio to help
out and contribute in many ways. Yeah Keith was MIA and
Taylor stepped up and helped out sir jagger. Over the
years these two records have become two of my favorite
stones records. 
I will be honest and say I listen to these two records more than
Sticky and Exile just something about how the songs work and the