Taylor what if's

We all know Taylor changed the sound of the stones
and contributed to the success of Sticky Fingers on
his first complete record with the stones. Now as the
current lineup plays on I would say Taylor still has
his swagger and SWAY today and BROWN SUGAR should only
be played if it is Taylor brand and would watch WILD
HORSES if Taylor was at the finish line. BITCH could
be best now described as those actions and how MT
was treated it used to be an high octane
rocker. Someday the lawyers will come and say YOU GOTTA MOVE or say
CYHMK on your door for the royalties. No this is not a
MOONLIGHT MILE away but someday your red roses will
turn to DEAD FLOWERS and you might sing I GOT THE
BLUES To Marian F who after sometime got song credit for
We should always learn from our mistakes and pursue
the remedy to correct the wrong. Taylor has paid big
time for his big mistake.