Taylor's Tone Again

   As we have discussed here Taylor's tone  and playing with a pick 
  during that period lets say 1969 up to Dylan's real live tour
  1984 to me sounds the best compared to his fat vibrato sound these
  days. That Let It Be solo is another classic solo of how Taylor
  sounded during that period he took George Harrison's licks and his
  crying, soaring solo especially over the chorus is signature Taylor
  and how I wish he could play and sound now in 2003.His passion and
  interpretation of those licks is tonal heaven for someone who likes
  that sound and tone. There are many solos pre 1985 that capture this
  tone live. For studio work that capture this style and tone I would
  say his work with Joe Henry is number 1 on my list. I am not saying
  he should always play with a pick but if he changed up a little bit 
  every now and then we would all get what we want as fans of his
  music. Taylor has always sounded to me more aggressive when he has
  played with a pick and not settle in some comfort zone which I feel
  can restrict the player to explore and expand on the musical idea of
  the solo. I am no expert just a fan but Taylor's tonal sonic vibrato
  just catches my ear and in all cases he is playing with a pick. Think
  of I'm Free from 1969 these examples just flat blow you away and its
  so easy to hear and break down the playing and style.