Top 100 Guitarists

MT should not be on the 100 greatest list he should be on the
GOD only list with Hendrix and a few others.
Eric "play it safe" Clapton can't even play blues with a passion
and he is regarded as GOD.
Is Eric that versatile, imagine him being the Stones lead player
and playing melody do jagger/richards compositions. It would come
off terrible and no where near Taylor's contributions. His lead on
little red rooster and sympathy as a guest player way back was 
just okay, did not get you all juiced up.
Same with Jeff Beck his tone would of killed the groove of all
those jagger/richards compositions.
Taylor fit in with the Stones, Dylan and all the other collaborations
over the years now that's why he is GOD and should be on his own list.
At least Slash (the younger crop of guitarists) figured out Taylor by
saying his favorite solo was Taylor's solo on dead flowers.
To bad we can't get all the younger crop of guitarists in a room and
preach Taylor guitar to all these players.
Who covered in the studio a Dylan song the best.
MT - Blind Willie
JH - All Along The Watchtower
WOODY - Sorry but his version of Seven Days is fantastic.