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Let me tell you about the “perfect” time I had at the Mick Taylor concert. On August 13th, 2003 Mick Taylor played Myron’s on Prince Edward Island. This was the first time Mick had played in Prince Edward Island. The only bands we get on the island are usually just Canadian bands, and not very big names. I tried to get in touch with Mick before the show by email to see if we could set up an interview. Unfortunately I never got an answer back in time. I decided to go to the concert early in case I happen to run into Mick and could “nail” him down for a talk. Well as I walked down the street in front of the club Mick comes out the door. I stop him and tell him who I am (although I think he recognized me). I gave him a CD of the unreleased song he did with David Bowie and he told me to come to the sound-check that afternoon. He had to go to a tv station and do an interview for a movie they are making of Robert Frank. Robert did the photos for the cover of Exile on Main St. and shot the Rolling Stones 1972 movie C*ck S*cker Blues. I went into the bar and told the girl at the bar who I was and she let me into the stage area. As no one was there I decided to go back to the bar area and have a little lunch. After lunch I went back to the stage area and waited. After about an hour Mick and the rest of the band showed up. We talked for a minute but he had to rehearse with the band because he had only got into P.E.I. the night before and they jammed for about 5 hours. Not a lot of time to set up for a 2 hour show. They worked on the lead-ins and endings of most of the song. The band did get a copy of his CD so they had a chance to get the basic song down, but as any Mick fan knows his live act is different from his studio recordings. I must mention that the band he has on P.E.I. was not the same one that played the shows in Ontario and Montreal. The band was from the Island group The Dogs. Dale Desroches on drums, Chas Guay on bass, Sean Ferris on keys and Chris Corrigan on guitar. During the sound check I was watching Chris and while Mick was doing the solo from Can’t You Hear Me Knocking he just slowly shook his head in amazement. After talking with Mick we both agreed the word for this band was “funky”. He was just sorry for the little time he had to jam with the band and hoped the show would go off without a hitch. After the sound-check we went up to the band’s dressing room to rest. Mick went back to the hotel for a shower and change of clothes while I waited in the dressing room and made use of the free bar. I WAS driving, so I only had ginger ale. If you don’t believe me you can ask Hailey, who was our very pretty hostess. After a couple of drinks I went back downstairs and had supper with Chalrie A’horn who was also playing that night. After about another hour Mick came back and joined me along with the promoter in the dressing room. The room was more like a very large lounge with leather sofas and big easy chairs. It also had a pool table and a great ambiance. When he got back in he said it would be a good time to talk but he wanted to do it “off the record”. Well at Blues Man “off the record” means OFF THE RECORD! I can’t really tell you we talked about but it was just us talking not any sort of interview. What I can tell you is that after the next few shows in England Mick would like to stop touring so he can do some recordings for his next Cd. He says that if he goes much farther on the road it will just take that much longer and sooner than you know it will be another year before he gets in the studio. Mick said the next Cd will have some faster tunes and some ballads. The show that night was really a promotional show Charlie A’horn. His manager told me that Charlie is 24 years old and a super guitar player. Charlie opened the evening with a ½ hour (or so) solo acoustic guitar performance that was fantastic. I saw the last two songs and he had the fans in a frenzy. One fan even yelled out “Mick Who?” Needless to say I almost had him ejected! Mick was to come out next and then Charlie would come back on and close the show with a set with his band. Myron’s bar is a big dance floor in front of the stage with about 6 booths at the back of the room. There is another room beside the stage with table and chairs. There were about 400 people in the club and it was hot. The band had a reserved booth so I was sitting there when Mick took the stage. Needless to say the fans went crazy when he came on and he never let them cool down. First he called all the people on the floor to come right up to the stage. He played the show with the fans about 3 feet away. I have heard and seen Mick a number of times but with this band he had a different sound. He played for over than a hour and a half and his guitar just smoked the whole time. He played lots of lead and slide that just blew the audience away. After the show I went back to the dressing room with Mick where we had a drink or two and just relaxed with the band. Before he left he signed a few autographs for the fans standing on the stairs waiting to get in. The show tonight had that kind of magic that only comes once in a blue moon. The band was not as tight with him as the band Mick had in Ontario. I thought even at one time there were a bit sloppy but that just added to the magic. The audience was really into the whole evening, which also added to the shows and it came across in the performances. This is the best Mick Taylor show I have seen and the audience was really treated that night.

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