Bottom Line Club Review
Thanks Lisa G


I have to say that I cannot agree with Curtis' review.  Is Peter Karp a "bar
band" front man.  Yes, but a pretty damn good bar band.  I was there for
Taylor, but let me tell you something at the late show there were just as
many people there for Peter as our Mick.  I saw them waiting for him after
the show.
The second set shined.  As is the case when bands are playing two sets, the
later one gives them the opportunity to stretch their wings and not be
constrained by time restrictions.  Mick was relaxed and his playing was
sublime.  Spontaneous standing ovations from the crowd after more than one
Taylor solo.
I am not a musician.  I cannot pick apart a bad note the bass player hit or
notice a slip up from the drummer.  I can only comment on did I enjoy myself
and enjoy the music.
I did.
Sorry Curtis.
Taylorite Tootsie