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I cannot begin to say enough good things about the two shows I saw this weekend in Canada.

First night in Kichener, Mick and the band put on a really good, tight sounding show. Only hiccup was the fact that the band was having some trouble with the sound they were hearing through the monitors. But all in all a really good show. Mick was the headliner for Kichener's Blues Fest and my only complaint was that the show wasn't more widely attended. The "Stones Throw" line up for the most part, with a couple of gems from MT, MT thrown in like "Alabama". Mick played for almost two hours and did an encore of "No Expectations".

It did not prepare me for the Toronto show last night. Absolutely amazing. "Leather Jacket", "Red House", "Alabama", " You Got to Move", "Twisted Sister", "Lost in the Desert", "CYHMK", "Blues in the Morning". Mick was in incredible form. Huge crowd who were really into the music. And the band fed on this. I think he's really happy with the sound he's getting from his new guitar and it shows. He also played again for close to two hours with an encore. He's using a pick. He's in great spirits. When Mick is playing, I find myself at times just rocking, with my eyes closed as his lyrical playing washes over me. It was well worth the trip.

Mick graciously signed for fans both nights. Last night a dozen people waited for two hours just for the chance to say hello to the Great One.

Our own Dan Shafner did an amazing job as Mick's guitar tech. I think the only complaint the band had was when Dan starting removing some young ladies from the stage......(didn't want Mick to be distracted!)

Mick Taylor, There is no Substitute.

Lisa Taylorite Tootsie

Friday night's show in Kitchener was excellent. "Awesome", as Paul put it, was quite accurate. Even greater than that, was believing that Mick was playing here! Last year, I had tickets to see him at London's Bluefest that he became a no-show for. Rumour had it was because of border problems. Regardless, it was finally nice to see him, better yet, locally.

Unfortunately, there was problems with the stage amps most of the night which clearly frustrated Mick song after song. I'm also quite positive that the mic stand he used wasn't his standard one as he bumped it and missed numerous vocal cues as a result of looking up to sing and not realizing where the mic was.

Secret Affair, Blind Willie McTell and No Expectations were my highlights.

After the show he stuck around for autographs and pictures despite a performance that he was clearly upset about. Not the playing, but the stage amps. Here in the Waterloo Region, we have a smoking by-law that prohibits smoking from all in-door facilities like restaurants, bars, bingo halls, bus shelters, etc. At one point early in the show, Mick wasn't receiving the volume he wanted so he made the over-apparent effort in lighting up a cigarette to metaphorically say fuck you! After a few drags, he made his way out of view at stage right as someone convinced him to put it out.

went to see Mick  Taylor and his new band. It was fantastic. When will he be touring again in Canada where did he find this terrific band. ?I  can't wait to see it again, who is this guitar player on guitar with him? they received two encores. and the fans wanted more. 

Hello you guys my name is Eric, i have seen Mick last week in Montreal and i can't tell you how it was good, i saw him in 87 and i was looking to go to Ottawa this Thursday but it is " sold out " I don't know how many people can fit the place ?? hope it's a good venue. Mick also tell see you  next year, would you know about those plans. I also want to tell you that your site is very interesting. Mick is definitely a guitar hero, the best on that planet... We were looking to go in Ottawa even if we have 4 kids. we're  true fans. 


My friends and I went to see Mick Taylor playing with his new band at 360
club in Toronto What a treat we had in store for us. Mick was Fantastic on
Guitar along with mick was a rhythymn guitarist The two were fantastic
together. Bass player keyboard and drums (terrific) What a wonderful night
this was. Hope to see Mick and his new band back very very soon.
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I was overawed and inspired by his technique as I was very close.  In 
fact while watching him I couldn't help thinking of some of the 
close-ups from LAG. He had incredible speed & accuracy, when he chose to 
cut loose, & precision. I didn't feel he'd lost anything - in fact I 
thought he's an even greater guitar player now than with the Stones. 
It's hard to describe the feeling; I've thought about nothing else for 
the past 3 days. I've seen him 3 times before this but nothing compares 
to the show I saw. Whether it's the band, I don't know, but something 
seems to have inspired him this tour. Maybe Glenn can fill us in a bit 
more after the tour about MT's impressions. (Don't forget as well his 
vocals are very strong on this tour too).