Mick's Guitars


Mick Taylor's Equiptment

(Thanks to Daniel  Shafner)

Electric Guitars:

Fender Stratocasters
Fender Telecaster
Fender Mustang (IORR video)
Fender Telecaster Trimline (late '80s, only a few times)
Gibson Les Paul Standards (the real vintage ones)
Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue (look on the back of "Stranger in this
Gibson Les Paul Custom (early '90s)
Gibson Firebird
Gibson ES-335
Gibson SG10
Epiphone "ES-335" style

Acoustic Guitars:

Gibson Hummingbird


Ampeg VT-40
Ampeg VT-40, modified with 6550 power tubes ("Joe Henry" album)
Ampeg VT-22
Ampeg GU-35 (studio and backstage with The Stones)
Ampeg B-15 or B-25 Portaflex bass amp
Fender Twin Reverbs
Marshall 100 watt stacks and half stacks
Marshall 50 watt stacks and half stacks
Marshall 2x12 combo
Mesa Boogie (model unknown, used on '79 solo album)
Roland JC120 (used on '79 solo album)
MusicMan (Bob Dylan '84 Summer tour)



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