A Fan's Review of Mick's Performance
Thanks to Philippe Saintes




The concert was free and the place was packed, 1000 people. The stage went dark and one lone spotlight shone in the night. Entering from the side stage, a man walked out to a thunderous applause in black suit and white shirt, a sunburst Les Paul Classic slung around his neck. I must admit that I was doubtful about this gentleman. Was he really the Mick Taylor who played with the Rolling Stones ? Gosh ! Physically he is hardly recognizable. Fortunately I was convinced by the melodious sounds of his guitar who soon hushed the crowd. Mick opened up with "Secret Affair", and never looked down. The set was extremely tight, and the band was in fine form. With no breaks at all between songs, they flowed, one right after the other, seldom stopping for a breath and certainly not a drink of water. Next was "Everybody needs somebody". Other favorite they shared was "Alabama" which garnered his first standing ovation of the evening but certainly not the last. Then Mick played alone under the spotlight "Broken Hands", a big surprise but the intensity of the music reached its peak when he did "You Shook Me" by Willie Dixon. During the Latin American excursion "Goin' South" every member of the troop played a solo. After a five minutes of non-stop clapping and whistling "You Gotta Move" brought down the house. The encore with Chris Jagger (brother of Mick) on "I Can't Hold Out/Talk To Me Baby" was cool. This impressive blues set lasted two hours. The only regret I can formulate is that if Mick Taylor is brilliant guitar player he will never be a great front man. He is too reserved with the public. By the way I wanted to get across to those lovers of music (and fine guitar playing) out there, is - GO OUT AND SEE MICK AND HIS BAND LIVE! You won't regret it and if you're like me, you'll more than likely be blown away!