Godfrey Daniel's Review
(Thanks Debbie)


Here is my review.

I saw Peter Karp and Mick Taylor together Saturday night at Godfrey Daniel's in Bethlehem Pa. I attended the late show with my husband. Godfrey Daniel's is a rustic looking listening room with fantastic acoustics. We regularly go to shows there. It holds 100 + people and people come to really listen. We have been there many times but I have never been to a better show. Peter Karp, who I had heard of, but never seen, is an electrifying performer, a great singer / songwriter like Dylan or Van Morrison but he also plays a pretty mean guitar as well. His lyrics are powerful and moving. We have been a long time fan of Mick Taylor though and he did not disappoint. His playing on Peter's songs was incredible. He also sang a couple of his songs - one about Alabama and the Stone's No Expectations. His singing was warm and melodic. His guitar playing was amazing. The highlights of the show were Her and My Blues, The Turning Point and a blues number called Treat Me Right which at the end they turned into the instrumental Can't You Hear Me Knockin. Mick was clearly energized by the whole thing. He really burned on everything. He was smiling and dancing. They both have a real attraction to each other and work off each other naturally. The audience was really into it - even hard-core stones fans. The supporting band is no bar band. They remind me a bit of The E Street Band...only much bluesier. Very powerful. I hope they do more of this - it was thrilling to see these two great artists work together.

I went to Peter Karp's website and found two video's of them playing together on a TV show on the CN8 network. I am not sure what the show is called..."Real Life" I think...but evidently it will start airing this week throughout the eastern seaboard. Go to PeterKarp.com to the multimedia button and click on flash video. They sound great. Can't wait to see these two wonderful artists working together again.

Mick has a great website - I'm glad I found it!

Thank you, Debbie S.