March 12 Review
(Thanks Risto)


This was my fourth time to see/hear Mick playing with the Wentus Blues Band. They began to play about 02.00 am. The audience was already starting to go home to sleep. Last trains were about to leave 02.30-03 am. So it was really bad time to begin. Festival was really badly arranged.
Yet Wentus fellows looked happy and after a couple songs Mick came to join them. He was looking tired and somehow lost at first. But then he began to play....
I have to say this was not the best concert from Wentus and Mick I've seen. But the offered many enjoyable moments anyway . Both Ventus and Mick played varying. Some songs they did better than ever. "Blind WMCT" for example was the best version I've ever heard bringing nearly tears in my eyes. But Ventus boys did miss some classics for example "Ventilator Blues" was a disaster. Besides they missed totally when Mick was trying to lead them to play something that started like Midnight Rambler. Mick shook his head looking disappointed and then began CYHMK and that went "ok"(!!!) as usual.

Having seen Mick many times, I have to say he's playing as good as ever.
I used to think Mick was just a guitarist who played with the Stones some years ago. Now I think The Stones is just a band who had luck to play with Mick Taylor. I wish I'd seen Stones performing in live in those days.

Please come back soon Mick (with your own band perhaps) and demand a better timing and a better venue. It's really disaster to start to play while half of audience is off with their heads and the other (better) half really has to go home.

I send you a small videoclip I took with my cellular phone, so you can taste a little bit feelings in that night.

Yours, Risto