Mick Taylor in Bristol
(thanks to Martin from UC List)

Yes I saw him last night with Chicken Shack (Stan Webb) - he played a
mean version of I'd Rather Go Blind.  Stan wandered around the audience
singing the finale and soliciting girls to croon with.
My missus and I headed for the bar and in a corner next to me I found
Mick Taylor with a lady friend - younger daughter or girlfriend.  I said
nothing, not wishing to spoil his quiet time but surprised he was in the
general bar.  John Mayall signed my Greatest Hits CD cover and then we
went back to the theatre (Bristol Colston Hall) for Mayall's set.  Buddy
Whittington is an exceptional down south guitarist - full of Texan
licks.  John Mayall played a hack-saw guitar - yes literally a guitar he
chain-saw massacred to make it less of a weight.  His solos soared but
he tended to play more on keyboards while Buddy did his southern stuff.
About half-way Mick was announced and then he took on the majority of
the rest of the show.  He played six or so songs - one from Crusade.  He
played with his elastic fluidity and was a real pleasure.  He is an
extreme talent.
The encore was a version of No Expectations - John Mayall said it was
from a small part of Mick's life.  And Mick said it was a small part but
significant part.  A great end of concert finish.
Afterwards I went to the signature signing area to get my Stones Throw
album signed.  I asked Mick when the last time he was at the Colston
Hall - he said - I think it was with the Rolling Stones in 1971 - I said
he was correct - 9 March 1971.
A good concert.