Myron's Club Review
Aug 13th


For those of us who had the honor of witnessing legendary guitarist Mick
Taylor perform at Myrons Aug,14,03 he treated us with a performance
which proved why he is one of the ultimate guitarists/musicians of all
time. Two hours of phenomenal leads, incredible slides, a solid blues voice
(which came though loud and clear) and a tight band was the recipe for
this evening. Young and not so young grooved within a few feet of Mick
and the band while they entertained us and we all watched in awe during
Mick's intimate solos. This man truly is an icon past and present. Mick's
band for this night were solid as a rock and the sound was excellent. You
could feel the energy coming from the stage and the whole club seemed to
be energized by Mick's presence. Long live the blues. This  certainly is a
can't miss tour.
Having said I would like to state that for the fans who stayed after the
show for  an autograph or picture (I was one of them) we were greeted by a
courteous, open, funny all around down to earth guy. That's something I'll
never forget. Mick you said you'd be back next year and we'll be waiting.
Thank you
Bruce Bulnes

Photo Courtesy Bruce Bulnes