Myron's  Cabaret Club Review
Thanks Richard Campbell


I saw MT last night in Charlottetown. Great show. Here's my thoughts on 
the performance.
Mick Taylor played Myron's Cabaret (Charlottetown PEI Canada) last 
night for about 500 people. He was on-stage for about 1.5 hours and the 
experience of seeing and hearing him up close was unforgettable. The 
man is a blues master. When he appeared on-stage, there was a gap of 
about 7-8 metres between the stage and all of us who were standing 
about on the floor. He called out to us, "Come on up closer to the 
stage." So I had the fortune of spending his entire performance 
directly in front of him, about 1.5 metres away.
Mick looked pretty healthy to me. Overweight but not grossly so. He 
just needs to exercise his body like he does his fingers.
He played deeply, fully, and with control of his music and the back-up 
band, The Dogs. The Dogs are from Charlottetown and are a very tight 
unit. MT was able to spend two days rehearsing with them. The chemistry 
was dynamic and everyone seemed to enjoy playing with one another. 
There were plenty of smiles. Often Mick would saunter over to the bass 
player or guitarist, say something and they would laugh. Several times, 
Mick put the spot-light on the back-up guitarist to let him do some 
lead work. Classy thing.
They did two Stones songs, CYHMK and the old standard, You Gotta Move. 
I tghink he especially enjoys doing CYHMK because he knows Ron Wood 
does it on the 40 Licks Tour. Maybe MT is just reminding everyone that 
it's really HIS SONG. IT certainly was last night. My favorite though 
was Blind Willy McTell. Great version with a long, extended lead solo.
Mick had one beer during the show. He lost his ear plugs several times. 
At the end, he said the audience had been great. Lots of calls for an 
There's talk of having MT return for a more complete tour of Atlantic 
Canada. The Promoter who arranged the Charlottetown show told me that 
MT was interested in this idea.