Thank's Bruce


Hello, thanks to this site,Ii was alerted to a Mick  Taylor gig!!!!

His set started at,20.30hrs
The set list was pretty much what he did when i saw him at the stables November last year,(again thanks to this site for the date of the event)
from memory, "secret affair", "twisted sister", then "blind willie mctell", which had a "layla" lead riff, and "all along the watchtower" riff, and lyrics in the middle!!!!!!
then "You Gotta Move".
He used his les paul for everything apart from the encore which was as he said "my favourite stones track i didn't play on, "no expectations"
for that track he used his strat, which im sure was open G? tuned.
He ran through a fender twin amp, also there was a jcm800? combo there which was on, but im not sure if he was using it, as he didn't adjust the marshall, but did adjust the fender, during the show.
When I saw him at the stables Nov 03, he used a les paul classic, which is what i've got!!!!, so no excuses on my part, ha ha
but last night it looked like a les paul standard?
His last scheduled song was the totally amazing "cant you hear me knocking" jam ending, talk about excellent!!! that's twice i've seen him do that now, and i still cant nail it when i try to play it, he he.
When he came on for the encore, he was listening to what people were calling for, i was screaming "SWAY" loudly, but... we got "no expectations" instead, i dont suppose you can complain, ha ha
Also the band were the same as he seems to use every time now, with max middleton (jeff beck band) on the keys, and the bass player (MR bailey),is real solid.
So if a bootleg, or official?? release appears, its me shouting SWAY SWAY.....
Thanks to this brilliant site, i saw a great event, and ill keep checking back here for upcoming dates, as this site has always been correct !!!!