Review of 12-17-04 Show
(Thanks Henric)


I saw Mick playing in Gislaved Sweden yesterday. What a fantastic show!!!

First Wentus blues band opened up to get the audience going and after 3 songs Mick entered the stage. I must say he played better now than for 30 years, and that means good!
He played like the God he is!
After the show I ran out to my car to get my old squire laying in the back seat to get it signed. Mick took a look on what brand the guitar had. ďItís only a squire but thatís al I can afford, sir.Ē He laughed at me and told me that itís better than y first guitar and signed it ďbest wishes Mick TaylorĒ.

Now itís standing here in my room shining.

This is absolutely the best concert memory Iíll ever get!

Henric Arnoldsson

Please send my thanks to Mick about the guitar