Roots & Blues Festival


I decided to make the trip from Calgary to Salmon Arm B.C. to see Mick 
Taylor perform at the Roots and Blues Festival, no small act considering the 
raging forest fires I had to negotiate to get there.
I was not disappointed, the show was a no holds barred set of great solid 
Blues/Rock. Right down the middle, no B.S., they just got on the stage and 
did their thing perfectly.
I've seen Mick before and always enjoyed his shows but there was something 
different about him, he seemed to have more energy, more spunk. Perhaps he's 
feeding off the energy of the band which seemed  to be taking in the show as 
well as performing it.
They're a great match it seems.
The guitarist danced throughout the set trying to get more reaction from the 
audience which unfortunately seemed tired and just wanted to bask in Mick's 
solo's. He played solid rhythm which allowed Mick to do his thing, a great 
The bass player was solid as hell, he seemed to be laying down the bands 
metronome, great sound, great feel.
The keys were perfect, they did a couple of numbers with Mick and him just 
playing by was fantastic.
Solid drummer, however he did seem to require some guidance by the band. 
Mick kept turning and gesturing to him.
The only drag was that he only played for about an hour tops before I saw a 
stage hand telling Mick to wrap it up. I wanted so much to hear CYHMK, well, 
maybe next time.
All in all it was a great weekend, a great performance. Whatever he's doing, 
I hope he keeps doing it. He hasn't looked and sounded this good in years in 
my opinion.
J. Dunn