Some Thoughts on 3 Rolling Stones Concert's
Featuring Mick Taylor
( Thanks to sw5's sxtminman )
 November 27,1969 Madison Square Garden  Thanksgiving Night :

I'm looking at the ticket stub as I write this.  Sec 441 Row F Seat 3.  
Mezzanine (nose bleeders)
Paid the Ungodly sum of $3.50 for the ducat.  I remember going to the Garden 
several weeks before (mid-day during work) to buy the tickets.  Obviously not 
great seats but I also remember literally "walking up" to the box office and 
just buying them.  No line at all.
Anyway, as far as the show goes, I really didn't know what to expect as the 
Stones were in a personnel and a sound "transition" at that time.  They weren't 
even my favorite band then although that would change within a year.  I had 
seen Hendrix in May, Blind Faith in July; both at the Garden, Led Zeppelin in 
October at Carnegie Hall, and finally the Stones in November.  Opening acts were 
Terry Reid, BB King, and Ike and Tina Turner Revue.  Not bad for $3.50!  The 
most I remember was that I was far away, and the sound wasn't too good.  I also 
wasn't too clear about the "new guy" as all I knew at that time was Brian Jones 
as the 5th guy.  I think I enjoyed the show more for seeing the Stones than 
for what it was about to become for the next 5 years.  As it was at this point 
in time that the Stones sound was changing dramatically, I was a bit unsure as 
to what I was watching, having been used to the 1964-1966 music.  Still, I 
was very glad to be there and as it turned out, on a historical night.  Ya 
Next stop, Boston Gardens July 18, 1972...........Floor Seats!!!  ($6.50)   
Jeeezuz!!!  Busted earlier in the evening in Rhode Island!!!   What time is 
this show starting?
12:00?  1:00?  I don't remember exactly when but I do remember Mayor Kevin 
White coming out on stage and started kicking around soccer balls to keep the 
crowd calm until the show started.  No Stevie Wonder?  Ok by me!!!  I was never a 
big fan anyway and it was really late by the time the show started.  White 
kept the Boston subway system open that night so we could get home ok.  I 
remember having free roam of the floor that night and getting up near Mick Taylor 
several times.  Now that's more like it!!   A good show and a great time albeit a 
long day and night.  Another notorious night in Stones history.  (Anybody 
have a soundboard of this show?)
Last show of the tour for me was a few nights later in Philadelphia.  Again, 
$6.50 Floor seats, and I think this was the night of the Philadelphia Special 
disc that's been circulating around for a few years.  The date's gone from 
where the stub was torn in two.  This one was the best of my 3 Taylor shows as I 
remember.  13th row center and they were playing great.  I remember suffering 
through Stevie Wonder but when the Stones came on, it was awesome.  Typical 
smokin 72 set list and a jam with Stevie Wonder which I could have done without.  
The Stones were great and the non-musical highlight for me was the cutie 
seated/standing next to me who admired the tank top I was wearing so much, she 
asked if Id let her wear it.
Being the gentleman that I am <eg>, I said sure.  She promptly took off her 
top and I gave her my tank to wear for the rest of show.  Now that's 
So there you have it.  Some hazy and some not so hazy memories from 3 
infamous shows with the Stones at their best.