Stanhope House Review
Thanks to Liza

Since no one has posted, I will, to the best of my ability give a detailed depiction of the 2nd show for Peter Karp and the Roadshow with Mick Taylor.

I had heard the Mick Taylor was going to be playing with Peter Karp and the Roadshow at the Stanhope House. Usually, I tend to be a bit blasé about special guest appearances in general and was a bit jaded with so much hype that was surrounding Mr. Mick Taylor. I have had the simple pleasure of hearing Peter Karp and The Road Show perform quite a few times and never left disappointed, quite the opposite actually. With the release of the new record, I said, "Sign me up, Chief," and such began the enchantment.

I arrived with enough time to see a long line winding it’s way though the parking lot and the first indication to check my expectations at the door, for they would surely be exceeded. The mood in the room was electric with anticipation. Dinner was winding down and the masses were beginning to swell. After a well worded introduction, the adventure began to unfold.

At once I was mesmerized anew. (Please excuse my lack of knowledge regarding instruments and also attention to detail for no set list.) The first song was a whirling dervish that slapped a smile on my face and has yet to begin to fade. Followed by a very dear song that always inspires, ‘Gitchee Gitchee WaWa.’ This is a personal favorite of mine and I have to say that it was during this song that the blasé blinders flew off and I began to feed off of the music and guitars. I let out a hard laugh and a few quiet expletives. I was amazed.

Each song brought a new appreciation for the sheer showmanship and talent for the gentlemen on the stage. The professionalism mixed with fun and sass. We were even privy to a song written by Mr. Taylor himself, ‘Alabama,’ made me chuckle with the quaintness followed quickly with a sharp slap from the talent and the driving the frenzied pace.

The following were played: ‘Arson’s Match,’ ‘Gitchee Gitchee WaWa,’ ‘Her and My Blues,’ ‘The Turning Point,’ ‘Blues in Mind,’ ‘Alabama,’ and multiple others. We were even treated to a mind boggling encore that was wild with rapture dictated by the gentleman with the guitar skills and sheer talent that made even the jaded, believe.

The show closed and the crowd had the opportunity to have their photo-op or a few words with the gracious master. It was a rare evening that allows glimpses of grace. It was a gift.

After further review, should this show have an opportunity to recur in the UK, I’d skip like a stone across the pond without a doubt. There are only few performance that really stick out so vividly in your minds eye that all you need to do is close, and let the journey begin anew.

I am nonplussed.

Kind regards,