Toronto Gig
Aug 9th

This review by Brenda :

 I went to see Mick Taylor last nite, he was fantastic. Was really great & a surprise to see him dancing onstage too! His guitar playing was great. Anyone who wasn't a fan of his before sure will be now. Saw Tom, Sharon, Al, Steve, and some others who were at rehearsals in Toronto last summer. He played (not in this order, going from memory here) "Secret Affair", "Leather jacket", "Red House", "Willie McTell", "You Gotta Move", and the encore was a jazzy instrumental fused into "Can't You Hear Me Knockin". He played more songs than that, I just can't remember them all, sorry my memory isn't what it used to be...The crowd was very enthusiastic, cheering. At the beginning people set themselves up in chairs towards the front, but as soon as Mick T. came on, I went to the front of the stage, as did others....Mick said, "Yeah, come closer to the front". It was HOTTTT in there, Mick made a joke at one point "Welcome to my hot tub". Felt like it. I was RIGHT IN THE FRONT. Towards the end of the show, I got tired and sat on the edge of stage no problem! What a wicked view, Mick was about 1 foot away from me!! :>) His band was all from Ottawa, great bunch, very proud he used band members from my home town! The drummer Raphael the redhead was funny as hell. What a ham he was. Talked them after & they all seemed very nice. Alot of people were hanging about after the show to get his autograph....poor Mick had a migraine upstairs, but came down to sign for us. I will post that picture he signed soon....Al took a pic of me with Mick T., can't wait to see it! I asked Mick if he ever met Brian Jones!! He told me (from what I could hear) he never knew him or actually met him. He went on to say about 3 years before he..........pause.....(I found the pause & unfinished words significant or at the very least very touching)...that he saw him in John Mayall's studio...something about being a roadie getting his guitar, and Brian was in the studio! Had a bit of difficulty hearing but that is what I heard. (Mick T is very soft-spoken). I then told him I have a B.J. website and gave him my card with the URL on it. Oh....for Karen....I also asked him if he is married....that was actually not a good question to ask at all. He was in the middle of signing for someone, and stopped dead in his tracks, replied he doesn't go into those questions. I thanked him for his patience, and the nicest smile appeared & a lightness in his eyes again....sigh.....[s] All in all a great nite. Mick T's b-day is Jan 17....mine is Jan 19...hmmm. Capricorns. I was also surprised at how big Mick T is, I mean he is very tall as well as stocky...he's cute actually.