Tucson Show Review

Hey all Mick Taylor fans.  Just experienced the ultimate show at Tucson's in Ottawa Canada.  As this was the first time i have seen Mick play live, i knew to expect great music but it was much more than that.  He truly is the world's hottest guitarist.  His passion for the guitar and music was obvious especially during his solos.  He is outstanding on slide guitar which gives you such drive to want to play guitar that much better.  The sound was solid and his band was hot.  With a keyboard player, rhythm guitar player, drummer and a bass player the dynamics were so together.  They all were so focused and loving every minute of their 2 hour gig.  Anyone who has the opportunity to see such great musicians play should do so.  It certainly made my mouth drop with amazement.  The work that goes into preparing for such gigs is obvious in the way they played and they all deserve a lot of respect because it left a lasting impression with me and i will be back for the next show.  Mick and his band were something else!!!

I too was present at that show and was totally blown away .He is by far one of the best slide players in the world today .I think his blues songs were outstanding especially the song Alabama which  had  a back porch Robert Johnson feel to it was superbly played . The original Secret affair rocked the house. The show ended with a medley of monkeyman into the end of can't you here me knocking .Most of the knight Mick was playing the other guitarist Glenn's black Heritage but later on switched to his red and gold Gibson . The end of the night he played the last tune using my favorite Fender Strat which provided a silky smooth slide tone in combination with a classic amp like I have never heard .
I had heard the rep and because friends who have a band called GHS ( Goats Head Soup )  were at the show and the Guitarist Rob Pinder ( aka Cosmic Taylorwood ) lent Mick his amp so the show could go on.  He also got his Firebird guitar ( one of the guitars  he played with the Stones ) signed by him and we got a photo all together with Mick holding the guitar . Mick liked the amp so much he took it on tour with him . I watched on Canada AM his live performance using it.   
We enjoyed the show so much we all will be back at  Tucson's on the 14th.

Ron White