Turning Point
Thanks Jim H.


I found last night's late show at the Turning Point to be very enjoyable.  The Turning Point is a 
very little club - according to the fire department certificate hanging on the wall the occupancy 
is not to exceed 69 people.  The size of the "room" lends itself to artists performing in a more 
relaxed way.  It's a great place to see an act even though it can get a little cramped.
I knew nothing about Peter Karp's music when I arrived.  I found him to be an entertaining 
performer singing in the style of early Bruce Springsteen ("Asbury Park" days) with touches of Steve 
Forbert and John Hiatt.  However, I went to see Mick.
The show was billed as "Peter Karp and the Road Show with Special Guest Mick Taylor."  Mick 
appeared to be in very good spirits and it was apparent that he enjoys playing with Peter Karp.  He was 
smiling throughout the show.  He talked to Peter and the audience throughout the night even adding 
comments to Peter's stories to the crowd.  Peter was very appreciative of having Mick on stage and 
on his new CD.  To me, you could see it from the audience how much Mick and Peter admired one 
another.  Yes, I said admired one another but that's how I saw it.
Peter talked on stage about how they've been rehearsing the past week and putting some things to 
tape.  I think some good stuff could come out of serious collaborations between these two.
Oh and BTW - Mick shined last night :-)