Mick's Band at the Road House
 Aug 5th show

Soooooooooo....tonight was the Mick Taylor show at Tucson's Road House.  Cozz and Spice go early to get front row seats for all nine of us, and they do.  The band is setting up and Cozz gets Mick to sign his Firebird right on the pic guard.  Cool.

Wait...it gets better.

As the band is doing their sound check, and the place is packed at this point, it appears Mick is having amp problems.  Anyhow they make do with the Fender Twin that's giving him problems and finish their check.

Good O'l Cozz introduces himself to the other guitarist, who also happens to be the tour manager, and tells him about all the amps at the warehouse.  The tour guy consults with Mick and Mick is interested in hearing the amps (Ampeg and Fender).  Cozz and Spice take off to the warehouse and haul the two amps back to Tucson's.

Mick is in a small room off the kitchen and it's sticking hot tonight with killer humidity with  the temp in the kitchen at least 90 degrees.  Still Mick is wearing a sport jacket and pants in this sweaty little room and gives Cozz's Fender a try.  I sneak in with the camera (with flash disabled) to capture the moment....


More Pictures & Rob tells his ULTIMATE Mick Taylor Story :

Hey got the ultimate fan story,
My name is Rob Pinder AKA Goat Head Soup (.com) guitarist Cozz Mc Taylorwood.
At Tucson's in Ottawa Canada last night Mick had trouble with his amp. The channel switch was not working and it's 20 min to show time.
Overhearing this I started chatting with Glen Smith (guitarist) an told him that my bands practice warehouse was only five min away, and I could go get a few vintage or new amps. He talked to Mick and he said go get'em
I brought him my Fender 1-12 Deluxe and my vintage 65 Ampeg. I went back stage and sat with Mick (see pic's) as he tried out the amps. He went with the Fender.
I then set my amp up on stage for him. He came out and did a great show and every body commented about the great sound he was getting!  I guess Mick must have liked it to because he asked if he could borrow the amp for the next few shows. Of coarse I said yes, all he had to do was sign my amp, and my Gibson Firebird, he did.
Mick is coming back to Tucson's on the 14 (confirmed) he will bring my amp back then (I hope).
I will try to get my band Goat Head Soup to open up with a few tunes, the owners of Tucson's were keen.


 What a thrill !