Twisted Sister

You don't have to worry
Bout me callin you at home.
I've already been there, know you're not alone.
And the people talkin
All over town.
I'm not so crazy
But I feel like a clown.
Love's an illusion
Frought with deceit
I'm a king spider
Hungry for some meat]]
I don't wanna fuss
I don't wanna fight
Dreams are only plundered
By this wicked night
Hey you twisted sister
I'm like a dog without a bone
Not gonna be your mister
Don't call me at home.
Don't you wait up for me
I'll be up all night
Know you're gonna be there
Everything's allright
Hey you twisted sister
I'm not your mister
You're outta my mind.
Down in the delta
In the Mississippi mud
Thunder and lightning
Apocalypse and flood.
Yeah here we go......
Twisted sister.
hot dog (LOL)