Welcome To the Newest Mick Taylor Site

Though there are plenty of great MT sites ,  What I Hope sets this apart will be the community effort, the loyal network of Mick Fans around the World,who have  helped Greatly up to this point, and I hope will continue on. Curtis, Nico & Jean Pierre to name a few. 

With this Approach, I am sure it will keep the content Fresh, as an Idea is Born lets put it up, Keep up the posts, as all ideas will be considered. I am not a web page designer, just a Mick Taylor fanatic, as all of you are too. There is a Great void since MT.com went dead last year, I know I miss all the valuable info Gary gave to us all, Thanks Gary, for the 7 + years.

Peace to all who enter our site……….

                                                                                                      And Always Remember........

                                                                The Vibrato Still Sings