Mick Taylor with Wentus Blues Band– Concert 7th December ’05 Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden 

I left job after lunch- time to reach the 2 pm bus from Oslo to Gothenburg, to see my second Mick Taylor- concert. With the company of two good friends; one of flesh and blood, and one called by the name of Mr. John Daniels, time flew fast.

In Gothenburg we collected our tickets, checked into the hotel, and then headed towards the concert- venue. Sticky Fingers is a little and anonymous rock- club, lying in a rather “dead” street; not the place you dump into by chance.

Swedish security guys gave us some laughs; by 8 pm it was about 10-15 people waiting in line outside the club. Still, security ordered the line to move 180 degrees, and put us behind a little “fence”. Then, little groups of five and five where allowed into the empty venue with 5 minutes intervals; hilarious! The venue was little, but although more people showed up after a while, not close to being packed. After a couple of hrs of waiting, Wentus Blues Band entered stage. While not being the Bluesbreakers, and certainly not the Stones, they still sounded tight. And more importantly, they worked perfect as Taylor's backing- group. (This was NOT WBB featuring. MT, as the poster outside told!) Wentus played two numbers of “swampy” blues- rock alone, before calling Mick Taylor to stage. Excitement rose amongst the little, but “educated”- crowd. Last time I saw MT was at Lillehammer Blues Festival, one and a half yr ago. My impression then was that, while no doubt still a great guitar- player, he seemed a bit tired of it. And the concert then was ok, but not great.

This time though, it was another story. From his first inspired touch of the strings it was obvious that Mick was in shape. First number was “Stop breaking down” from Exile on main st.

Superb blues- rock, delivered with class by MT and Wentus .The crowd just looked at each other and nodded; yes, this is “it”!

Talking bout Exile, we also got the cool “Ventilator blues” (co- written by MT and the glimmer twins) and a marvelous version of “Shake your hips” (the latter as encore). MT s guitar- soloing on “hips” was to be heard to be believed, a really impressive “show- off”!

Other highlights where “You gotta move” (where Mick picked up the Gibson Les Paul and delivered some extraordinaire slide- work) and the Dylan- song “Blind willie mctell”, where he included licks from Claptons “Layla” and a verse from Dylan's “All along the watchtower”; simply full control! At one point Mick lost a strap during a solo, and the Wentus- guitarist where allowed to do some soloing, before Mick again where ready, turned up his volume and continued where he just left; It was just like he said (“Ok son, good playing, but “papa” has gotten the strap back on now!”) Cool moment!

It was like the perfect night this; even the communication with the audience (that just wasn’t there in Lillehammer) was great. One guy yelled “The Stones have lost the blues”! Others yelling for their favorite number (which Mick promised to rehearse for next time in Gothenburg – must it not be long till!!) Pure happiness. Fantastic concert!  

Lars, Oslo, Norway