Mick Taylor
Westendorp, January 31, 2004
Just awake again :) Although we didn't had tickets, yesterday I went with 
some friends to Westerdorp to see Mick Taylor, a 3 hour drive. When we were 
in the east of the Netherlands, we found out it was very easy to get in ), 
since the people over there couldn't believe we had driven so far. They made 
a few phone calls for us and and after driving a 100 times between 
Westendorp and Varsseveld we got tix for the sold out gig :)
After some beer, pizza, coffee, more beer we entered Cafe de Vos, the place 
where Mick and his band would do a gig tonight. We had to wait more since 
it was only 8pm and Mick would enter the stage at 1, so we had a few drinks 
with the local people. Then 1 o'clock, Mick and the band entered the stage, 
starting with Secret Affair, Mick is back! As usual he had his eyes closed 
during most of the gig, playing wonderful licks, I love his slide! Since 
we were at the front I was able to see the songs on the set list, so I wrote 
those down, but Mick didn't really follow that one... Hope below one is 
right, not sure... Sorry about that, was enjoying the gig and not caring 
much about the wrong set list during the gig.
The set list:
Secret Affair
Twisted Sister
Late At Night
Losing My Faith
You Gotta Move
Blind Willy McTell
Blues In The Morning
Leather Jacket
(on the set list, but not played: No Expectations, Boogie Man, Little Red 
After the gig Mick Taylor was giving autographs to the people who asked for, 
so did I.  It was the perfect ending of a great night! 
Thanx Mick, will see you again sometime :)