Westendorp Blues Night Festival
Jan 31st, 2004


On a stormy weather evening we went to Mick Taylor. GOD what an experience!!
We wanted to see the ex-stone, we were very aware he's a very good guitarist indeed. In fact he's still the very best!
WE love the solo parts of the seventies-stuff ,Jesus, he blew everyone away in his brilliant performances, and in fact, he still does, you know.
He's into the blues.
I said to him backstage (we're allowed to meet him): LIFE IS BLUES...he confirmed it.
Life is shit, shit, shit!! doesn't it?!
I guess life sucks, and then you die.. It's the truth, I guess.
Maybe there be tiny little moments of joy, luck and happiness, like January, 31st in Westendorp..
We got easily to the 'front of stage' area because we want to see him clear because most of the people had drunk too much although the local people were nice and down to earth.
We met also a beautiful person, who's also a fan. It was a very nice experience to share. He filmed us backstage...
Backstage, we gave him a flower, one rose!...sorry Mick, we couldn't effort a big bottle of champagne and 56 roses, but we liked to.
We also had yellow tulips and 'schrobbeler', some Dutch alcohol.
The kids were very tired, but they were very fond of it: they could join this gig and they still talk about it, just like us, they can't believe we met 
Mick Taylor. We're very proud of the home made video and the autographs!! Thank you very much, Mick!
The first songs Mick played were very easy-going, relaxed and then you're diving deeper in something that will blowing your head off: It tears the soul apart.
I like the song Alabama. I never been in Alabama, never went to America, but my god: what's all about Alabama?!? With some imagination it must be a pretty cool place to stay, isn't it?
Mick is overwhelming us with his songs like You gotta move and leather Jacket.
It would be very nice if Mick could play "Winter" again.
Backstage it was fun, because of Mick's integrity and humor. He's very friendly.
Far away of arrogance, just very natural.
We really love him!
Thanks Mick and crew for the unforgettable evening!!
Sometimes I can't understand why Mick Taylor doesn't do a show in Paradiso-Amsterdam, there are sure a lot of people dying to see
Mick Taylor on his own, but I guess  you have to have  something with the blues. It is completely different stuff than Rock's roll.
Hopefully we'll meet again, Thanks, lots of love,
Herma and Kids,